models & actors Spectrum - Sydney Australia


  • NSW Transport Hannah Mandy Wong Feb 2018 for media page NSW Transport Campaign July 2018

    Cute Kids Family, Mandy and Hannah, shot for this Transport NSW Campaign.

    Library shots for Website use.

  • Woolworths Winter TV Commercial Sep 2018 Hayley and Linda Seeto News Woolworths 'Winter Woolies' TV Commercial July 2018

    Hayley and Linda from our Cute Kids Family Divison are featured in this Woolworths 'Winter Woolies' winter clothing commercial

  • Specsavers TVC Chloe Delle Vedove May 2018 MEDIA PAGE Specsavers 'Cubby House' TV Commercial June 2018

    Chloe D Features in this Specsavers commercial from the 'Should've Gone to Specsavers' Campaign 

  • Melrose Park Alex Attard May 2018 Melrose Park Development Campaign June 2018

    Alex is a testament to the success of our Cute Kids Family Division, as she was featured across the Melrose Park Website, Banners and Billboards for their new development campaign

  • Ziggy Academy brand media page June 18 The Academy Brand Rookie Kids Winter Campaign May 2018

    Ziggy D Features in the winter campaign for Rookie Kids Clothing. 

    A variety of images were featured on the Rookie Kids website, social media pages and in their lookbook/instore catalogue.

  • The Smith Family Back to School Appeal Feb 18 Media Page The Smith Family - Back to School Appeal May 2018

    Madison C, Taina M, Hayden S, Sophia F, Ava M, Mia N, Jack P, Zander G, Tiago L, Taj J, Lia V and Olivia N all participated in this campaign for The Smith Family.

    The campaign served to highlight the difficulties some kids and families face when sending their kids to school.