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  • web Disney 'Dream Big Princess' Cinemagraphs July 2016

    Taina M features in this beautiful image from the latest Disney Cinemagraphs shoot.

    The Cinemagraph images feature minor and repeated movement, to form a video reel.

    You can see the entire video at:


  • Julian Kerr VOLVO SUV TVC July 2016 VOLVO SUV'S 'Make Parenting Look Easy' July 2016

    Julian K features in this Volvo 'Make Parenting Look Easy' TVC Campain 

    Link to Advertising:


  • St George Card ST. GEORGE 'Two Wheels to Four' Print Campaign July 2016

    Keira B featured on Billboards, Web and Brochures for the St. George 'Two Wheels to Four' Campaign, in partnership with Toyota 

  • Halle R Card 3 Sunday Telegraph - Escape Page June 2016

    The Sunday Telegraph 'Escape' travel shoot -  featuring Halle R as Minnie Mouse

  • n1 Actron Air Conditioners - Family shoot June 2016

    The Tsui, Owen and Galea families were front and centre for this Actron Air shoot which focused on capturing real, everyday family moments.

  • The Smith Family Malia Ashleigh May16 The Smith Family - Autumn/Winter May 2016

    Ashleigh W and Malia K featured in this 'Positive Learning Outcomes' campaign for The Smith Family. This advertising highlights some of the positive outcomes associated with TSF, moving away from their regular advertising!