models & actors Spectrum - Sydney Australia


  • Joyce Huang Qantas Dec 2015 Qantas A330 Asia Campain April 2016

    Joyce H features in the latest campain for QANTAS, advertising the confortable experience on an A330 flying from Australia to Asia 

  • untitled copy BIG W - Easter Catalogue March 2016

    Juliana M from our Babies division features in the latest Big W catalogue for March, wearing the new Dymples fleece coveralls with a cute Easter theme.

  • Golden Bear Catalogue Feb 2016 1 Golden Bear - Lifestyle Catalogue March 2016

    Jed W features on the cover and throughout the latest Golden Bear catalogue. The shoot had a summery theme and was shot on the northern beaches of Sydney and will be published in Japan.

  • Big W Catalogue Feb 2016 BIG W - Emerson Junior March 2016

    Zachery N wearing the latest sleepwear range from Big W's Emerson Junior collection.

  • Big W Catalogue Jan 2016 Amiel Cover shot card BIG W - Dymples Babywear March 2016

    Amiel S featured on the cover of the latest Big W catalogue wearing their new Dymples Babywear range.

  • MICROSOFT SHOOT FOR NEWS PAGE Microsoft Campaign February 2016

    Kiera M, Sebastien E & Frank F did a great job taking on the characters of Shakespeare, Einstein & Picasso as part of the latest campain for Microsoft Australia.